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Dear CNM Facility User,

As of May 1st user rates for equipment have been increased. As always we strive to keep the fees to a minimum and our facility continues to offer equipment and training at rates lower than most comparable facilities. The new rates are calculated to cover the cost of maintenance and have been adjusted to compensate for the loss of financial support due to the expiration of the SPRING grants.

Thank you for your support.

CNM Staff


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UT CNM Online Store Quick Start Guide

Thanks for your help in getting the CNM TXShop site up and running, the new online store will make it much easier to keep track of your equipment use and charges. Additionally it will help the CNM staff take better care of the facility and equipment.

You can access the TX shop from almost any web enabled computer using an internet browser. The link for TX Shop is:

You may also access the store by clicking on the TXShop button located on the “billing” page of the CNM website

After February 1st, please record all of your equipment use through TXshop and report any difficulties to Mike Tiner 232-3695.

You will need your live account number each time you purchase, the account balance will be checked to make sure there is enough money in the account to cover the purchase. If the account does not process, you may save your order for a later date and get a valid account number to pay for your purchase.

There are no taxes or shipping fees for purchases made with CNM TXShop.

When setting up your account you can specify an email address to send a receipt.

There are minimum charges for each piece of equipment which are listed on the main store pages. You must purchase the minimum even if you used less time than the minimum. After the minimum purchase has been made you may purchase time in smaller blocks, this option is available on the item pages for each item, remember this will not work if the minimum purchase has not been made.

CNM Shared Instrumentation Rate Proposal for 2007



Clean room (includes:)
Karl Suss probe station
Woollam spectroscopic ellipsometer
First Ten Angstroms contact angle goiniometer
K&S wedge/wire bonder
Hirox digital microscope
Veeco stylus profilometer
Rapid thermal annealer
Laurell Technologies spin-coater
Suss mask aligner
Disco 321 dicing saw
Fischer vacuum oven
Pipette and tip puller
Edwards e-beam and rf sputter deposition
Denton thermal evaporator


Raith electron beam lithography*

$25/hr +$12/hr (clean room)

March reactive ion etcher*

$5/hr +$12/hr (clean room)

FEI dual beam focused ion beam


Thermo Mattson FTIR




Suss probe station  (in room 3.110 NST)




Digital Instruments atomic force microscope


Atomic force microscopy tips


Angstrom Engineering glove-box


Mbraun Inc. glove-box


Asylum Research atomic force microscope


Denton thermal evaporator (in room 3.132 NST)


There is a minimum usage of one hour on all equipment. After the first hour, instrument usage should be rounded to the nearest half-hour.


*Raith EBL and March RIE are located in the clean room but have an additional usage fee due to their supply and maintenance costs.

CNM Billing FAQ

Q. Why does the CNM charge to use equipment? 

A. The CNM charges equipment use fees to offset the cost of maintenance and supplies for the equipment we offer. Equipment fees are calculated by dividing the annual cost by the annual usage for each tool.

Q. Which computer can I use for online purchasing? 

A. Most computers that have browser software can be used to access CNM TXShop. In each equipment are there are computers that are networked such as the optical microscope computer in NST 3.110, you may also use the computer located in the NST forum, or the computer located in the 4th floor office 4.116. If none of these are available or you forget to pay for your time, you may also use your desktop computer to pay for the time you used.

Q. Do I need my account number every time I make a purchase?

A. Yes, you will need to enter your account number each time you make a purchase.

Q. What if I forget my account number or it does not work? 

A. If you forget your account number you can save your shopping cart for later by clicking the “save shopping cart for later” button on the view shopping cart page. If you have already logged into the system with your UTEID your cart will automatically be saved and you can finish your payment the next time you log in.

Q. What if the account number I have is no longer active or does not have sufficient funds to cover the purchase?

A. First, double check the account number that is displayed on the screen to make sure it you entered your account number correctly. Your shopping cart was automatically saved and you can try again later after you fix the problem with your account. You may also contact Mike Tiner 232-3695, to help finish your purchase.

Q. What if there is an error during my transaction or I lose my connection? 

A.  Unless you see an order confirmation on the screen your transaction did not go through, just start over from the beginning of the process, you will not be double billed.

Q. Why are there minimum charges and why is time recorded in blocks? 

A. By implementing a minimum charge the CNM is able to offer lower hourly rates; it also makes it much easier for our users to accurately record their tool use.

Q. Do I have to make a reservation to use CNM equipment? 

A.  No, a reservation is not required, but is recommended for equipment that is in high demand. Remember that you are responsible for all of the time you reserve. Equipment reservation is a privilege and you will be billed for all of your reserved time if you abuse this benefit. You may cancel your reservation up to 24 hours in advance with no penalty. You will not be billed for reserved time if the equipment is not available due to a maintenance issue.

Q. What if I use the FIB for 15 minutes and find out my sample is bad but I had a four hour reservation.

A.  You will need to make an online purchase for your complete four hour reservation and send an email explaining your situation to Mike Tiner You might receive a refund or credit for the unused time.

Q. What if I have a one hour FIB reservation but I use 1 hour and 15 minutes?

A. You will need to select the one hour FIB fee from the store and then select an additional ½ hour block for a total purchase of 1.5 hours.

Q. What if I went all the way through the purchase and realized I had made a big mistake when I read my confirmation? 

A.  We can fix mistakes that are made even after a purchase has been confirmed. Contact Mike Tiner, with your name, UTEID, and explanation of your mistake.

Cleanroom FAQ

Q. When I go into the cleanroom am I billed for just the time I am in the cleanroom or just the time I am using equipment?

A. CNM policy is that you must pay for all of the time you are in the cleanroom. If you use more than one tool at a time, you should pay more to offset the additional tool costs. For example, if you are using the evaporator and would like to use the microscope at the same time, you are using two tools, you would pay for the evaporator time and add the additional time for the microscope.

Q. What if I want to use a tool for several hours, but most of that time is spent on pumping the system down? Do I still need to pay for this time even if I leave the cleanroom?   Why do I pay extra for additional entries into the cleanroom?  

A.  In this case you would need to pay for all of the time that the equipment was in use as well as the extra entry into the cleanroom. The CNM strongly encourages you to plan your work so that you can stay in the cleanroom to monitor your experiments

Q. What if I use more than one tool at a time in the cleanroom? 

A. If you are using multiple tools at one time, you need to record time for each tool. As an example, say you have a reservation for three hours of evaporator time and while you are waiting for your sample to pump down you use the profilometer for one hour. You would need to record four hours total cleanroom time three hours for the evaporator and one additional hour for the profilometer.

Q. What if I want to leave the cleanroom during my experiment?

A. The CNM Staff encourage you to stay in the cleanroom while you are running an experiment for safety and cleanliness reasons. Remember that each cleanroom entry incurs a charge. If you are running a three hour experiment in the cleanroom and left after the first hour for 30 minutes you would need to purchase three hours of cleanroom time, plus an additional cleanroom entry which is listed on the cleanroom page as an additional item.

Q. What if my experiment only takes 20minutes to perform in the cleanroom?

A. You are required to purchase the one hour minimum. Gowning to enter the cleanroom is a considerable expense for the CNM, it is much better for the cleanroom if you plan your work sessions so they are several hours long as high entry traffic makes it difficult to keep the cleanroom clean.

Billing and Usage Rules for CNM

  1. All use must be recorded, there are no exceptions. Even if your group is receiving a grant from CNM to defer your use fees, you must still record your use. You will not be allowed to use CNM equipment if you do not follow this rule.
  2. You will be billed for your whole reservation unless you cancel it more than 24 hours in advance. You will not be billed for a reservation if the equipment is down.
  3. There is a minimum one hour cleanroom charge for entering the cleanroom. Plan your work accordingly, if you enter the cleanroom to pick up your experiment and are back out in five minutes, there is a one hour charge. If you enter the cleanroom to start the thermal evaporator and then re-enter the cleanroom to finish the cycle, you need to record an additional entry along with your tool hours to pay for the gowning expenses. If you are confused about this please see CNM staff.
  4. CNM does not allow cleanroom “tourists”, all cleanroom users must be trained by CNM staff and must record their time in the cleanroom.
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