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Danielle SmithCongratulations, Srivalleesha Mallidi of Biomedical Engineering!

Best Portfolio Presentation Spring 2009 - Molecular specific photoacoustic imaging

Nano Night Best Poster Spring 2009 - Selective Detection of Cancer Using Photoacoustic Imaging and Gold Nanoparticles

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Graduate Seminar
Graduate Portfolio Program in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Portfolio program providing the opportunity for doctoral students to earn credentials in nanoscience and nanotechnology

IGERT research
Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship

NSF sponsored graduate training program on molecular imaging of interfaces/defects in electronic, spintronic, and organic/inorganic materials

Materials Science Nano Degree

Graduate program tailored around contemporary research areas that include thrust focused on the study of nanomaterials


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Opportunities for undergraduate research are available in individual faculty laboratories. UT is in the final stages of planning a new undergraduate nano program.


College of Engineering

College of Natural Sciences

UT Nano Departments

Click on college links above to learn more about nanotechnology affiliated departments at the University of Texas at Austin.



Center for Electrochemistry

The CEC offers a strong coupling between fundamental electrochemistry and materials science, fields that are the foundation for widespread applications in diverse fields such as energy and health.

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Major Research Centers with
Emphasis in Nanotechnology
Nano Science and Technology Building
Pickle Research Center
Texas Materials Institute


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