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Microelectronic Research Facility

For detailed information on the Microelectronic Research Facility please see their website:

Here is a list of their fabrication and characterization equipment:

  • Oxidation/diffusion furnaces (4-stack, 6" capability) 
  • LPCVD for poly, oxides, & nitrides (4-stack, 6") 
  • Oxidation/diffusion furnaces for high-K dielectrics, SiGe (6-stack, 4" capability) 
  • LPCVD for poly, oxides, & nitrides for high-K dielectrics, SiGe (3-stack, 4") 
  • RTP systems for RTA, RTO/RTN, RTPCVD of high-K dielectrics
  • Karl Suss split field contact lithography (~0.5 micron) 
  • JEOL 6000 electron beam lithography 
  • Aluminum and silicide sputter deposition 
  • Reactive-ion etching of poly, oxides/nitrides 
  • Wet chemistry stations for cleans, etches for Si, SiGe, high-K dielectrics, metals 
  • SiGeC-heteroepitaxy: UHVCVD, RPCVD, RTPCVD
  • Photolithography (Karl Süss MJB-3UV deep-UV optical lithography system) 
  • Sputter deposition metallization 
  • E-beam (CHA turbo-pumped four-hearth e-beam metal evaporator) 
  • Thermal evaporation of metals and dielectrics 
  • Reactive ion etching (Plasma-Therm) 
  • Rapid-thermal heating systems (AG Associates) 
  • Tencor Alpha-Step profilometer 
  • Numerous furnace tubes 
  • Laminar flow wet processing hoods 
  • Wafer thinning and polishing equipment 
  • Quantum efficiency, bandwidth to >50GHz, multiplication noise 
  • High-speed (50 GHz) ocsilloscopes and spectrum analyzers (50 GHz) 
  • I-V and C-V measurement systems (HP 4145B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer and capacitance bridge) 
  • High-frequency network analyzer ( HP 8510B) 
  • Noise Figure Meter (HP 8970B) 
  • Digitizing Signal Analyze (Tektronix 11801) 
  • Various probe stations 
  • Pulsed and CW semiconductor laser driver current sources 
  • Spectrometers 
  • Coherent mode-locked Ti-sapphire laser with Regenerative Amplifier and Optical Parametric
  • Oscillator (200 fs pulses from 500 nm to 2200 nm) 
  • Variable-temperature, light-vs-current measurement systems 
  • Varian Gen II molecular beam epitaxial systems: Arsenides, Phosphides, and Nitrides; also MOCVD
  • Electrical I-V and C-V measurements 
  • Temperature-dependent Hall effect, DLTS 
  • Magneto-transport measurements (9T, 4-500K) 
  • XRD, FTIR, temperature-dependent PL 
  • AFM, SEM, lattice imaging TEM 
  • Rf and microwave characterization 




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