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Tour the recently completed Nano-Science and Technology building at the University of Texas at Austin!

We are happy to provide facility tours for interested parties. We currently have two levels of tours, one geared for the general public (perfect for students) and a more detailed tour aimed at persons with an advanced understanding of nano-science and technology.

You will be able to see state-of-the-art instruments for fabrication and characterization of nanometer-sized materials and devices including:

  • class 100/1000 clean room facility
  • inert-atmosphere organic photovoltaic/light-emitting diode facility
  • scanning electron microscopy/focused ion beam microscopy
  • scanning probe microscopy
  • polymer characterization facility
  • x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

NST staff members will try explain nano science and technology and what it is that we are doing in our center to expand the horizons of this field.

These tours are available by appointment only (no regularly scheduled tours).

Tours are 30 minutes in duration.

Tours should be arranged by contacting Sharon 10 days in advance of the tour date.

To schedule the general tour we ask for a minimum of 4 participants.

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