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Training Co-coordinator
Dr. William Lackowski
Phone: 512-232-3694
E-mail: William Lackowski

The NST building is home to a wide variety of state-of-the-art fabrication and characterization equipment. This specialized equipment is available to all interested parties after successful completion of a hands-on training class. Registration for all of the training classes is available online through the TX Class system. In order to enroll in these classes one needs an UT EID number. Persons not associated with the University of Texas System may obtain at UT EID number by following this link: click here.

Please use the following procedure to receive training for CNM equipment and instrumentation:

* Click on one of the courses listed below to signup for the training classes you would like to take.

Here is a list of current training courses:

Course Number Course Title Class Hours Course Prerequisites
NT201 General Clean Room Procedure for NST 1.00 OH101 OH201
NT203 FEI SEM/FIB Dual Beam Training 4.00 OH101 OH201
NT204 Photolithography 3.00 OH101 OH201
NT205 Electron Beam Lithography Training 6.00 OH101 OH201
NT209 Thin Film Deposition Training 2.00 OH101 OH201
NT213 Zyvex Nanomanipulator Training 4.00 NT203
NT214 Omniprobe FIB Gas Injection Training 4.00 NT203
NT215 CNM Glove Box Training 3.00 OH101 OH201
NT220 Atomic Force Microscopy DI 3.00 OH101 OH201
NT221 Atomic Force Microscopy (Asylum) 3.00 OH101 OH201
NT223 CNM FT-IR 1.00 OH101 OH201
NT224 CNM Flourimeter Training 1.00 OH101 OH201
NT225 CNM Fluorescence Lifetime Training 3.00 OH101 OH201
NT226 CNM Wide-Field Microscope Training 3.00 OH101 OH201
NT227 CNM Electrical Characterization 1.00 OH101 OH201
NT228 Cary UV-Vis 1.00 OH101 OH201
NT229 Zeiss Inspection Microscope 1.00 OH101 OH201
NT230 Reactive Ion Etching 1.00 OH101 OH201
NT231 CNM Ellipsometry Training 1.00 OH101 OH201
NT233 CNM Dicing Saw Training 2.00 OH101 OH201
NT235 Laboratory for Spectroscopic Imaging 3.00 OH101 OH201
NT240 Liquid Nitrogen Filling 1.00 OH101
NT241 TMI Polymer Characterization Center 3.00  
NT242 TMI High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope 4.00  
NT243 TMI X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy 5.00  

If a class is full, you may sign up on the waitlist. If someone drops out of the class, you will automatically be informed of your promotion.
You may also show up for the class if you are on the waitlist, but you will not be able to attend if all registered students/participants are in attendance.
* Please show up for the class on time, if you are late you might lose your seat to persons on the waitlist.

It is your responsibility to make sure you get trained for equipment that you would like to use. You are only authorized to use equipment for which you have completed the appropriate training class.

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