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X-ray Analysis Facility

For more information about the X-Ray Analysis Facility capabilities and usage please contact:
Dr. J. Steven (Steve) Swinnea, Facility Manager
ETC 9.114
Mail Code C2201
Austin, Texas 78712
Phone (512) 471-3173 FAX (512) 471-7681

Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) Capabilities

Manufacturer:  Molecular Metrology, Northhampton, MAOptics

Double Focusing Optics

Germanimum Mirror for horizontal focus
Asymmetric Cut Si(111) Monochromator for vertical focus and wavelength selection
Beam At Sample:  5mm horizontal by 200 microns vertical
Beam At Detector:  200 microns by 200 microns
Practical Resolution:  1300Å

X-ray Source

Enraf-Nonius FR591 Rotating Anode (Cu)
High brilliance copper anode (4kW into 200 micron focus)

Sample Chambers/Holders

Two evacuable chambers; one for medium resolution (672 mm sample-detector distance), the other for high resolution (1295 mm).
Stepping motor driven stage for automated sample changing
10 position normal sample stage
4 position stage for liquid samples with temperature capability 0°C to 100°C
4 position stage for liquid samples with temperature capability to 300°C
Reflectivity/Grazing Angle SAXS Module

Detection System

Two dimensional multiwire, gas-filled area detector
120mm active detection area
Approximately 150 micron pixel resolution








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